At Transworld a couple of years ago I saw a really cool chandelier made from bones. I wanted one and decided this was the year to get one.
Here's my interpretation:

We start by hanging three spines from Buckey's Boneyard
Use a quick link to connect the chain to the top of the spines
I screwed some femurs to space the pelvices apart. If I were ever to rebuild this I would have used an arm bone, the femurs spread it a little too much
Next comes the second layer. Start by screwing 6 femurs together
Screw the arms to the sockets of the pelvis and then screw the second layer of femurs to the elbow joints. Also you can see where the first layer of skulls will go, right inside the pelvis.
Here I have the skulls screwed in. Looking good so far.
The second set of skulls are attached to the hands.
Now attach a six inch long section of one inch PVC to the top of the skulls for the lights.
Here you can see that I drilled a hole in the top of the skull and glued the PVC in. I then glued a connector onto the top of the pipe and wired up a socket for the light. (also you can see the holes after pulling the screws out many times trying to get them right)
All right! Light sticks on top of all the skulls and the lower skulls hung by chain.
Wire it up and insert some flicker bulbs. Just because I couldn't wait any longer.
Let it rest on a garbage can while I use some Great Stuff to simulate candle wax and put a coat of paint on.
Rehang so I can paint the rest
Here it is hanging in my foyer. You can barely see the hot glue webs but they look good. I also had to make a medallion to cover the one that is GLUED to the ceiling!
A pic from the stairs (you can see the webs better here)
Finally from the top of the stairs. Next year I'll have to take a few links out of the chain so that it sits higher in the window, but other than that I'm pretty happy.