It's been in the back of my mind for a couple of years now. I've always wanted a Witch stirring her cauldron in my haunt. I hope that these pictures will help explain how I built it. I'd like to thank Mike Fox for his instructions on the Talking Blinking Skull which is where I stole the face from.
First, I got a Douglas Singing Fir and ripped all the branches off.
Here you can see I carved the lower jaw of the Dougie to a smaller shape to fit inside the mask.
Then I ordered a pair of eyeballs from The Mad Martian's Gift Shop. Look under the "Balls" section for the "Gliding Eyballs, 1.5". Be sure to specify the 1.5" version.
Grab your dremel tool and remove about 1/4 of the outer plastic shell. Inside the shell there is a fluid that seems to be some kind of oil. Make sure you have a paper towel to catch the mess as you grind.
Now that you have carved the back plastic off, carefully hold the inner eye so that you can drill a hole in the back of it. There seems to be an outer coating of plastic and an internal steel shell. It's not easy to drill through but you have to get a hole in it for a screw that will hold the inner eye stable.
OK, time to get rid of that silly base that looks like a tree trunk. Grab your dremel and cut this thing in half and pull the electronics out. Also, you can see I glued a piece of pink foam to the top and bottom of the Dougie jaw. This will be carved to fix snuggly into the masks chin.
You could use any kind of foam to make the head for the mask to rest on. I decided to go with a styrofoam wig head. It's cheap and already shaped correctly.
Keep carving until you have removed enough material to stuff the Dougie electronics in.
It's amazing how much material I have to remove to get the Dougie inside. When I was done, it looked like it had snowed in my office. What a mess!
After all that carving, I stuffed the Dougie into the styrofoam head. I used the dremel to carve some holes in the head so that I could stuff the screws in the back of the eyes into the head. I then driled a small hole into the side of the outer plastic of the eye and used some super glue to connect the outer plastic to the Dougie motor that was connected to it's eyelids. I then used some insulating sealant to rebuild the head that I just carved out. The foam keeps everything in place. Be careful not to overfill the head or it will expand and clog the moving parts.
Added some masking tape to cover the plastic eyelids and added the mask. Looks pretty good but still sings Xmas tunes. I'll have to fix that quickly.
The next step is to make the body. I've decided to use a Duct Tape Dummy for the body.
What good is a Witch without a Cauldron?
I needed a pretty big cauldron so I decided to build it. I thought a paper mache shell was a logical place to start. I took a 4 ft beach ball and started covering it with paper mache.