I was talking to Merlin the in the Crypt Chat one night and he shows me his newest creation. I fell in love immediately and dropped another project I was working on to get this done before Halloween. They were a really nice touch to the house. I stole the idea from Merlin. Click here for the original.

First I needed a base. I thought about building one out of plywood but I was going to cover it in foam anyhow so I noticed these plastic milk crates for $2 a piece. They were too cheap to pass up. But that actually caused a problem, how to attach the foam to the milk crate? Easy, cut the foam, hold it in place with some liquid nails, and 'glue' it using Great Stuff. It worked great.
Merlin complained that his frame was a little to lightweight and started to lean forward once he started to apply the Monster mud. I decided to bulk up the frame using 1 1/2 inch PVC and a square base for better support.
Here are the twins sitting on the base. I attached them to the base with zip ties. I used a couple of my Latex Skulls and made some hands from coat hangers like Merlin did. Finally I covered the framework in chicken wire and shaped to fit. Also, in this picture you can see the flame lamp in his hands.
Here is the lovely Christine cutting some old flanel sheets to fit around the twins.
Christine has become my monster mud expert.
Behind her you can see she is cutting pieces to fix over the twins. These pieces got real heavy when covered with Monster Mud and it took the two of us to lift the cloth onto the chicken wire frame.
And the mudding starts (Wow, I think I need to clean the basement, but I keep thinking of all that junk as raw materials)
"Will you quit taking pictures and help me with this thing!"
A lot of paint, wire the flames into the hands, and cover the whole thing in Spar Varnish
(Notice the little bit of pink foam on the base of the twins. It turns out they leaned forward just a little, because the arms reach forward. If there was a strong breeze they would topple forward. I had to add 1/2" foam at the bottom to make them lean slightly backwards. Next year I'll paint it up and make it look more like it's supposed to be there!)
A closer look at the end product.