Skull Light

I made 4 of these. Two for the front door and two for the garage. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during construction.

Here is the top of lite. I drilled a hole in the skull and glued a 3/4 inch PVC pipe into it for the candlestick. I then wired in a plastic light socket and glued that in place. I covered the PVC pipe with spray foam and painted it to look like wax. To top it off, I added a flicker bulb to simulate a candle.
Here's a bottom view. I drilled out the bottom of a bucky skull and added an exterior light fixture.
Finnally here's a picture of the completed project. I drilled out the eyes so that the red light bulb shows through. You can see the wire that runs to the upper light. also you can see the silicon caulk that I used to hold the outdoor light to the bottom of the bucky skull.