This is the fog chiller. The purpose is to chill the fog so that it hugs the ground. It was cheap to build and definately a great effect. I blatently stole this from the DeathLord. He spent years working on different models until he came up with this one.
Here's a view showing the holes I drilled in the styrofoam cooler. The four at the bottom are to let any melted water out of the cooler. There is one big one at the right for the inlet of the fogger. At the other end are four holes in the side to let the chilled fog escape. The cooler is 24" wide, 16" deep, and 12" tall. The one I picked up was called 'The Huskey'. It's a fairly thick styrofoam cooler I expect to last for years.
Here you can see two of the four outlets for the fog. I used some 3/4 inch PVC to allow me to spread the chilled fog as far as I could away from the chiller.
This is the inlet for the fogger. It's larger than the exits. I bought a PVC connector because I was afraid that the heat from the fogger would melt the styrofoam.
This is the fitting I bought. It screws right in. It's a 2 in male PVC connector you can pick it up at your favorite hardware store.
Finally this is the platform the ice rests on. Basically it keeps an air space for the cold air of the melting ice to cool the fog. It's simple construction consists of a PVC frame and Hardware cloth. It fits tightly in the cooler.
Here is how the fogger and cooler meet. Nothing fancy here, the fogger blows the fog directly into the cooler.
And at the end of the season, it all stores convienently inside.