Happy Halloween

Halloween is a year round event.

Halloween 2004
IronStock 2004
Great Lakes FrightFest 2004
Halloween-l Transworld 2004
IronStock 2003
Halloween-l Transworld 2003
Halloween 2002
IronStock 2002
Halloween-l Transworld 2001
Great Lakes Gathering 2001
IronStock 2001
Halloween 2001
Halloween 2000
The Skull Lights on the front of the house Construction Pics
Cemetery Fence Construction Pics
Fog Chiller Construction Pics
Animated Witch Construction Pics
Casting a latex skull
Creation of the twin reapers
Creation of the Bone Chandelier

I have to give a ton of credit to the kind folks at halloween-l

and Mark Butler for maintaining
the monster list.

Visit some really helpful and friendly folks at the


If you want more insight into the world of home haunting, you will be happy to hear about the chat lists Halloween-L and Howl-2000. Both of these lists generate a huge volume of emails that will show up in your mail box beginning with the very hour you subscribe, so beware. During the peak season of September through October you could see as many as 600 or more emails from the Halloween-L alone every day, so be prepared. Regular off season posts still run into the 100 to 200 range per day often times as well. You may want to choose from the two by their nature. The Halloween-L is a pretty free spirited list where people can post pretty much any Halloween related or non-Halloween related chatty thing they want and has been collecting members since 1996, so it has a huge membership base. The Howl list was introduced in 2000 and has remained rather small, but in general is more of a social list rather than a nuts and bolts type of information list. Both lists adhere to some fairly strict rules on flaming and spamming and have a very devoted year-round following. So try them both out during the off season and see if you prefer one or the other or both. Here they are;


To Subscribe send a message to: Halloween-L-On@Lists.Wildrice.com
To Unsubscribe send a message to: Halloween-L-Off@Lists.Wildrice.com 


To subscribe send a message to: Howl2000-on@lists.wildrice.com
To unsubscribe send a message to: Howl2000-off@lists.wildrice.com It doesn't matter what info you send, as that is ignored by the server, so just send and then respond to the verification email you will recieve. Also, there is no reason to send a message to the lists themselves asking for unsubbing, as no one there will be able to help you. You have to follow the info here to do that yourself.


Both of these list serves are controlled through requests@WildRice.com by a very giving haunter named Chuck Rice who has been footing the multi-hundred-dollar-per-month server costs for a long time. It is due to these high costs that makes it incumbant upon those of us who use the L for our own benefit to make a regular donation toward these never ending costs, so we ask you to bookmark this page and try to send in what you can each month, whether it be $3 or $50. Take this link and send him your coins now and don't forget to mention to him how much you appreciate his efforts!